Vladimir M. Antonov
Academician of International Academy of Information
Cand. Tech. Sci., Senior Lecturer
Inventor of technology and equipment for manufacturing non-flour whole sprouted-grain bread "TONUS"
General Director of Open Company "TONUS-BREAD"
http:/ www.zernohleb.ru
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  Issue Identification  

In the last decades all the world has become overflowed by a wave of terrible illnesses: diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, oncology, obesity, heavy gastro-intestinal diseases, and others.
Today, unfortunately, we can observe a tendency to increase of the level of such diseases. The reasons seem quite obvious: deteriorating global ecological conditions and imperfect food.

The analysis of the world nutrition, especially in developed countries, has shown that the majority of foodstuffs offered to its consumers by modern food industry are refined products, which as a result of industrial processing lack most valuable nutritious components: vitamins, microelements, food fibres.

For example, the grinding stage of the manufacture process of first and high grade flour requires removal of all most valuable parts of grain: seed embrio, aleuronic layer, covers. The remaining endosperm (central part of grain) does not have any biological value. Therefore the bread and the majority of bakery, macaroni and confectioneries which compose the basic food allowance of the population are made of such flour. Sugar, salt, cereals, vegetable oils and a lot of other products undergo similar processing. Various harmful substances entering human body with air, food, water, medicines daily affect a human body. They inflict irreparable harm to an organism, breaking all major functions of its systems. To get rid of these damaging matters people need agents that will neutralise the negative effect. Refined food causes deficit of such substances necessary for normal functioning of a human body.

  Possible Innovative Problem Solution  

To prevent dangerous illnesses, and also to preserve and maintain human health, it is necessary, to have a product which would combine the following properties:
1. It should be ecologically clean
2. It should provide people with a range of necessary nutritious and biologically valuable substances balanced and assimilated by the organism
3. It should allow continuous decontamination of human organism from toxic wastes, carcinogens and other harmful substances.

A possible solution was found 1987 when whole-grain non-flour bread “TONUS” was created and patented in Russia. The bread is made from whole sprouted grain. According to the "know-how" of this bread, grain is first subject to superficial clearing, then dunking, leading up grain to a germination stage, then crushing which turns sprouted grain into dough, and finally baking according to the traditional scheme.

Manufacturing bread "TONUS" in this unusual way has caused a revolution in the world of bread-making industry. Bread created according to the new technology possesses magnificent medical and prophylactic properties. It looks like any usual bread but its taste leaves all flour-type breads far behind

  Bread Advantages  

The main value of bread "TONUS" is that it offers maximum biological activity of all those substances which whole grain contains (vitamins, microelements, amino acids, food fibres) and which many times grow in quantity during the process of grain germination.
            "TONUS" contains a full set of vitamins of group B: B1 (тиамин), B2 (рибофлавин),
 В3 (ниацин), B6 (пиродоксин), B5 (пантотеновая acid), B8 (инозитол), B9 (folic acid).
"TONUS" is rich with vitamin E, has vitamin C.
            "TONUS" contains a full set of microelements necessary for an organism: magnesium,
 zinc, selenium, iron, manganese, copper, silicon, phosphorus, calcium, iodine etc.
             Protein of "TONUS" corresponds to the quality of ideal protein as it unlike protein of the flour breads, balances amino acid composition including irreplaceable amino acids of a germ and aleurone layer.
              The research of the biological value of bread "TONUS" carried out at the Institute of Biophysics, Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences, has proved extraordinary high ability of "TONUS" to increase the level of haemoglobin and erythrocites in blood.
              Another benefit of bread "TONUS" is that it contains a considerable quantity of food fibres which at the expense of absorbing properties carefully clear all internal organs of the organism.
              At the daily use of 250-300 grams of bread "TONUS", the organism receives the daily norm of food fibres (40-60g). According to numerous research, food fibres of wheat have the highest absorbing effect in comparison with food fibres of other products, including vegetables and fruit, which require a daily consumption of a few kilograms.
             The structure and the sizes of food fibres of "TONUS" are such that they allow to clear carefully of wastes all the surface of the gastro enteric tract.
             "TONUS" bread accompanying other food which always contains a certain quantity of harmful or not assimilated substances, helps the food fibres of "TONUS" to absorb these substances, without allowing them to be absorbed in blood. Simultaneously the food fibres of "TONUS" stimulate and strengthen peristalsis intestines and reduce the time needed for the intestines to empty themselves after food intake to 7-8 o'clock while refined food needs 26-27 hours and even more (about 3 days), causing various serious illnesses of the gastro enteric tract, including cancer.
             Soluble food fibres of "TONUS", arriving through capillaries in our blood system due to the absorbing properties clear blood of wastes, toxins, carcinogens, surplus of cholesterol, simultaneously restoring and supporting the elasticity of the vessels.

Thus, bread "TONUS" is truly an invaluable product which provides accurate harmonious work of an organism supplying the cells of the organism with full value pollution-free food, and disposing of wastes from the vital functioning cells completely and in good time.
  Effect on Human Organism  

Numerous researches carried out  in many countries of the world aimed at studying the influence of whole grain  products on human organism, confirm the extraordinary medical and prophylactic properties of these products (the review of research works on 380 p. ”Whole - grain foods” in health and disease, 2002, St. Paul, Minnesota, U.S.A.).
                 At the top of these products is bread "TONUS".
                 As a result of use of 100 % sprouted grains, a considerable quantity of food fibres, thin structures, bread "TONUS" has the highest effect of medical and prophylactic influence on an organism, possessing at the same time wonderful taste qualities and magnificent soft porous structure of a crumb. No other bread in the world can claim such properties and qualities.
                  On the basis of numerous foreign researches including research conducted in the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, in the Krasnoyarsk children's hospital, in the Tver regional clinical hospital, in the diabetic centre of Bulgaria, impressive results of the influence of bread "TONUS" on human organism have been received. They are as follows:
                  Bread "TONUS" at the regular use of 250-300 grams a day


• stimulates the peristaltic of intestines and strengthens the motor function of bile-concluding ways, removing constipation, preventing diarrhoea, stomach ulcer, bilious-stone illness
                  • relieves the organism of wastes, carcinogens, salts of heavy metals, radioactive and other harmful substances, providing continuous maintenance of healthy gastro-intestinal tract, liver, kidneys, and other internal organs of the organism
                  • stimulates blood formation, increasing formation of haemoglobin and erythrocytes, cleans blood and vessels, preventing formation of blood clots, exceeding of level of sugar and cholesterol, normalizes blood composition
                  • prevents oncological diseases (first of all cancer of stomach and intestines, also breast cancer and prostate gland cancer)
                  • prevents and treats diabetes, having low glycemic index
                  • prevents and stops cardiovascular diseases (hypertension, ischemic illness, atherosclerosis, heart attack, stroke)
                  • prevents obesity and reduces excess weight

                "TONUS" is recommended by Health Ministry of Russian Federation, Food Institute of Russian Academy of Medical Sciences and the Diabetic Centre of Bulgaria as a healthy product for all people, including school and preschool children, and those in need of diabetic and other diets.


For the therapeutic properties and high consumer qualities bread "TONUS" has been appreciated in Russia and at the international level. The product has won the following awards:
                * Gold medal at the World Fair in Plovdiv (Bulgaria) in 1999
                * Highest Level Reward at the International exhibition "Inter-Eko" in Sofia (Bulgaria) in 1999
                * Gold medal at the International exhibition "Prodekspo-2001" and “Russian products of  feed - 2001” in Moscow in 2001
                * At the world exhibition of IBA “Baking bread-2000” in Munich (Germany) in 2000 and at the 12th International congress of grain and bread in Harrogate (England) in 2004 bread "TONUS" was acknowledged to be a unique product of the world value, not having analogues in the world.
                * Bread "TONUS" is included in a nomination of "100 best goods of Russia” and “the book of records of a planet”.
                * At the International Forum “Children’s and School Optimal Food” in Moscow in 2007 bread "TONUS" got the gold medal and Diploma at professional competition “Best products for children”.
                * Medal at the international competition “Ecologically Safe Production”.
                * At the International exhibition “Bakery, Macaroni, Sweets” in Moscow in 2008 bread "TONUS" won the first prize in the competition “Innovations in baking bread and confectionery manufacture”


In conclusion it is necessary to emphasise that bread "TONUS" represents an ideal product, which  
      * provides people with a complete range of all substances necessary, balanced and assimilated by the organism due to the use of whole sprouted grain
      * carries out constant careful cleaning of the gastro-intestinal tract, blood,   vessels and other internal organs of  organism at the expense of the big quantities of the food fibres deducing wastes, carcinogens and other harmful substances

     *“TONUS" prevents and relieves people from terrible illnesses of civilization (obesity,  diabetes, cardiovascular and oncological diseases, heavy gastro-intestinal illnesses) and provides high level of health of the population.

It is also necessary to mention another important advantage of bread "TONUS", which is the 25-30 % economy of grain in comparison with flour bread.

      Therefore, it is necessary to make only one step –  replace flour bread with whole-grain sprouted bread "TONUS".

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